Release 3.0.0 - OpenCore

Release 3.0.0 - OpenCore

Good news. NMSPrime version 3.0.0 is out now. We start updating the servers of our customers at thursday 2021-03-18. A lot of new features were added like workforce management (see picture below), the reliability of the system was improved and it’s even more user friendly. Check out the release notes if you want to know more.

Unfortunately it’s not as good for every user. Everyone using v2.5.4 for free will not be able to upgrade to v3.0.0 since our enterprise strategy changed to an open core model. As we don’t want to finance ourself by advertising we had to make that decision. But we still want to make it possible for small entrepreneurs to run a network and offer cheap access to the internet in poor rural areas by using NMSPrime community version as provisioning and maintenance software.

What does that mean?

The community version of only contains the absolutely required features to bring devices into operation and be able to offer the service with the minimum feedback you need to see if the modem/cpe is online and working. Besides that you can easily control manageable devices like amplifiers to administrate your infrastructure.

But if you need deeper inspections in form of monitoring or other features like ticketing, workforce management or anything else you need to install the (reasonably priced) enterprise version. In practical cases that means every customer service provider (CSP) in developed western countries with a lot of competition will need the enterprise version to be able to provide best quality of service. Just check out our website to request a quotation.

Using NMSPrime community version

You will still be able to install v2.5.4 with almost the same instructions like for v3 and use more features, but be aware that you can not upgrade to v3 without a valid SLA.

So what’s the advantage of v3?

With the new version it’s possible to do IPv6 provisioning. A lot of bugs were fixed. And furthermore you will always be able to upgrade to the next version as the software evolves and will get more features in future.