Ticketing Apps


Communicate problems fast and easy.

 simple | puristic | intelligent

symbolic movie ticket
Prime Ticket

and lucid.

computer screen with various diagrams

The ticket dashboard unites all the important information and functionalities.

three schematic humans together

Tickets can be assigned to any (or multiple) users of your  system.

three lines among themselves with two arrows

It categorizes and prioritzes tickets according to your parameters.

schematic magnifying glass

Analyze occured tickets and optimize your work-flow.

The reduced overview shows everything important briefly summarized.

Mobile native: touch optimized and swipe gestures are supported.

Easily accept, pause and close tickets.

Chat with NOC or other technicians about the ticket.

Quick Links to call the customer, google maps and status page of the device.

Never miss new tickets, by enabling system notifications.

Notifications keep technicians and NOC updated about the progress of the tickets inside the system.

Every App can be used as standalone or as part of a bundle.

All Apps on the NMS Prime platform interact perfectly with each other.