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      The platform concept already succesfully revolutionized many long-grown markets but in the ISP field it is still old fashioned . NMS Prime wants to fill this gap and ease the workflow of every ISP market participant. You want to be part of that transition, then join a partnership with NMS Prime and enjoy the benefits.  A trustful cooperation like this, is always a valuable asset for every business.

      NMS Prime offers three different partnerships which all provide enormous advantages.  At first you can spread the word and advertise for our concept and solutions as refereal partner. Upgrade this status and be able to deliver the whole product with its corresponding services and hardware as solution partner.  But not only the partners and providers should profit from our platform, therefore we opened up for every kind of software development for the ISP market. Use our worldwide visability and accelerate your sales process as tech partner.

      Refereal partner

      You want to offer NMS Prime solutions to your prospects/clients? Let us dive into it and bring you up to speed in no time.

      You give us:

      • qualified leads

      You get in return:

      • commission
      • marketing & sales collateral


      Solution partner

      Experienced partners have the chance to develop their own offer including the NMS Prime technology. Add your value-add services and create a revenue source out of it.

      You give us:

      • qualified Leads
      • co-Selling effort
      • learn how to Install, Customize, Migrate, Configure, Integrate

      You get in return:

      • commission
      • professional services revenue
      • assistance in first sales
      • marketing & sales collateral

      Tech partner

      Connect your own technology to the NMS Prime Platform.

      Add yours

      You give us:

      • integration into NMS Prime platform
      • a reasonable share

      You get in return:

      • worldwide market access
      • app API support