NMS Prime is happy to announce Smart City Networks as a new customer!!!

NMS Prime is happy to announce Smart City Networks as a new customer!!!

Trade Show & Event Industry Broadband services in the US now at its best

April 28, 2021 – It is now official that NMS Prime supports Smart City Network’s 70,000 events – venues & convention centres across the US. The nation’s most versatile technology services provider now profits from NMS Prime’s “Agnostic Provisioning and Network Monitoring with all the info displayed crystal clear on the Dashboard for an effortless management.”

NMS Prime is proud in associating with Smart City Networks in embarking an accelerated journey to transform their businesses and deliver innovative consumer and enterprise services.

Smart city provides customized solutions for over 3,000 events annually, including virtually every Fortune 500 Company event and major tradeshows. Smart City currently serves more than 45 convention and meeting facilities across the U.S., totalling over 20 million square feet of exhibit and meeting spaces.

NMS Prime is the industry 1st disruptive App based technology and vendor agnostic platform for ISP’s. It streamlines processes with intuitive handling and takes the service quality to a whole new level. Their Apps streamline modem Provisioning, Monitoring, Administration, Billing, Failure Management, Ticketing, and more for any ONT, OLT, BRAS, DSLAM and DOCSIS device.

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