Administration Apps


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PRIME High Availability

in a highly secured way.

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Built on open-source standards.

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High availability, fail-over and/or load balancing for: General Linux Service
  • SQL cluster via MariaDB
  • Apache cluster
  • Filesystem cluster
  • Syslog
OS Provisioning / OS VoIP Provisioning
  • TFTP
  • DNS and BIND
Prime Monitoring
  • Cacti
Prime Detect
  • Icinca
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PRIME Property

and all-embracing.

schematic enterprise building

Administrate your infrastructure of buildings (realty), apartments and nodes.

Add other useful information like a contact list containing house administrations and local facility managements.

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Also a cutoff list will be created that contains all the apartments that have a working connection but no valid contract.

symbolic pricing tag

Be able to charge group contracts.

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Prime Customer Control

to control and customize.

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Enables access to the
  • call detail record (CDR),
  • invoices
  • contract details
Run speed tests towards provisioning server  
tacho with high speed
Prime Dashboard

by customizing every app.

computer screen with various diagrams
  • Accelerate your workflow by customizing every app
  • All the info your employees need at one glance (not more, not less)
  • Directly access all important views with one click
  • Visualizes and summarizes big data


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OS Mail
(hosted by CableLabs)

is always time-saving.

OS Mail is part of our Open-Source section together with CableLabs and therefore it is  free to use.

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Define automated email dispatch.

Every App can be used as standalone or as part of a bundle.

All Apps on the NMS Prime platform interact perfectly with each other.