Open Core

Open Core

It has been quite some time since the last post, but this is more due to the fact that the writer had his last holiday for this year during that time. However there is no stagnancy and some important decisions regarding the company strategy had been made during the last weeks.

That means that all core modules like user management, provisioning and Icinga monitoring – that are absolutely necessary for an ISP – will stay open source in future. All other modules like billing, full monitoring, ticketing and automatic failure detection will be licensed or included within our service package.

This shall help us to keep up with the costs arising while developing this complex software. On the other hand we still want to be able to help regions with less opportunities to good internet access to build a cost effective environment as we do with our foundation Every Human Online.

Also NMS Prime shall become more like a platform where ISPs or software developers can contribute their own developments and get rewarded for them. You will then have an overview of all your installed apps as depicted below and you will be able to search for more extension in the store.

By that we hope we can be even more valuable for the total humanity.