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Control everything down to the last corner.

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Prime Monitoring

and ensure service quality.

Dashboard with real-time values and monitor data.

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Monitor Hardware via SNMP and TR069:

  • Modem, MTA, CPE
  • Amplifiers, nodes
  • Highly efficient SNMP poller
  • Add your own controllable devices.
  • Fully customizable control interface for your SNMP device.
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Analysis of all important cable modem parameters like:
  • Package loss
  • Micro reflections (adaptable)
  • System Description (Modem name, firmware, etc.)
  • Uptime and downtime
  • All Upstream and Downstream channels with frequency, modulation, power, MER, bandwidth
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  • Ping and flood ping tests
  • DHCP log- and lease-file  (ISC-DHCP style/compliant)
  • Configfile analysis
  • Modem event log
  • Proximity Search: display and compare the cable modems of the close neighborhood (e.g. <100m radius)
  • MTA and CPE analysis
  • Full Band Capture displays Spectrum on supported Modems


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Prime VoIP Monitoring

and enjoy pleased customers.

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Analyze the entire phone call traffic in a network.

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Enjoy comprehensive information about every call while keeping privacy in mind.

Every App can be used as standalone or as part of a bundle.

All Apps on the NMS Prime platform interact perfectly with each other.