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Control everything down to the last corner.

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magnifying glass in front of schematic graph
Prime Monitoring

Detect impairments in real-time

and ensure service quality.

computer screen with various diagrams

Dashboard with real-time values and monitor data.

schematic magnifying glass

Monitoring of all important cable modem parameters like powers, MER, packet losts, microreflections, .. (adaptable)

symbolical wifi modem with connection

All SNMP and TR-69 compliant devices​.

gear wheel with to-do list in front

Useful functionalities like ping and flood ping tests, DHCP log- and lease-file, configfile analysis, proximity search, modem eventlog, .. .

telephone handset with magnifying glass
Prime VoIP Monitoring

Guarantee continual call  quality

and enjoy pleased customers.

schematic magnifying glass

Analyze the entire phone call traffic in a network.

three lines among themselves

Enjoy comprehensive information about every call while keeping privacy in mind.

Every App can be used as standalone or as part of a bundle.

All Apps on the NMS Prime platform interact perfectly with each other.

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