OKR Workshop

OKR Workshop

Last week we had our quarterly Objects-and-Key-Results workshop to set our goals for the next 3 months and arrange tasks for every team member. As always feedback and wishes of our customers served as main input for the decisions that were made.

It is worth to mention that currently our focus is still on bringing many new helpful features into NMSPrime instead of making each feature perfect (what is planned in future). Besides that of course we want to keep up with the state of the art of the software products that we are using. And this also always brings some necessary adaptions with it. This work needs to be done, even if you, as the user of our software, won’t see any difference at the first glance. But by that NMSPrime will stay a secure software.

This is why we will use PHP version 7.3 and adapt our code to the next laravel versions – the framework we are using. As CentOS 7 long-term support is given until June 2024 we won’t upgrade in the next two quarters, but we already consider that.

The following list will give you an overview of some more important tasks we will focus on:

  • IPv6
  • High availability of database and services like DHCP, TFTP, DNS
  • switch from openlayers to leaflet map to be able to easily display more infos on the map, e.g.
    • current location of technician
    • location of a ticket
  • automate outage detection
  • DOCSIS 3.1 / OFDM Monitoring
  • Remove MTA object for Phonenumber provisioning in DSL/FTTH infrastructures
  • IP insight – search for a device by a specified IP

If you are already a customer of NMS Prime and you miss something really relevant then just contact us!