Feature: Tap-Controlling

Feature: Tap-Controlling

Today we want to show you a new feature that has reached a presentable state during this week. If you want to controle taps in your DOCSIS network remotely in future then you can do this with the help of NMS Prime and taps of Sat-Kabel.

This has a lot of advantages. One of them is that you can remotely detect sources of ingress absolutely accurate up to the flat that it is coming from. The shown live upstream channel picture of the corresponding cluster helps with that. On attenuating the tap port you see directly if it influences the cluster and if the ingress comes from that port. When you found the source you can just keep it attenuated or even cut if off (40 dB attenuation) until the customer itself or you technician has eliminated the distortion. By that your other customers will experience even less network disturbances. And it saves a lot of time and money.

Even more time is saved when you have to cut off a connection because of contract cancelations. Now no technician has to drive there. You can just do it by one click from the office and your collegue can further take care of the network maintenance.

You can represent your whole network infrastructure in the Entity Relation Diagram. And with the Property Management module you can assign the single tap ports directly to the apartments making it ultimately easy for your staff to navigate between the right pages.

Navigation of the controlling page
Apartment with assigned tap port

We hope that you can manage and operate your network even better and more efficient with that new feature.

And here again the whole picture:

Tap controlling