Into Operation

Into Operation

Besides our plannings what features to integrate next into NMS Prime we are currently setting up new test systems for 3 smaller ISPs that soon will become production environments.

The interesting part is that all 3 have a different set of infrastructures with different types of devices to provision.

3FTTH + Wireless + DOCSIS

By that we can show once more that you can use just one software to manage all these types of networks. You don’t have to get your staff into multiple different solutions storing the same information redundantly to work properly. And you don’t have to adapt data in multiple places when something changes.

Besides that DSL ISPs become a bigger part in our customer circle what forces our software to be as reliable and advantageous as our DOCSIS part already is. Noting that a significant number of network operators already uses NMS Prime for DSL and FTTH networks we can already say that we are close to this goal.

The same with FTTH what – everyone knows – will be a must have part of every network management software in future. If you are interested in how NMS Prime handles the provisioning of these devices just have a look at our official documentation here and here.