Overcoming multiple overloaded expensive software!!!!

Overcoming multiple overloaded expensive software!!!!

Erznet AG getting ahead with a significant disruptive solution!!

Erznet AG is a leading television, internet, and telephony provider from Germany.  With about 11,050 television customers and 6150 Internet customers, Daniel Unverricht, CTO & Board of Directors, shares the typical problems faced at Erznet AG and how NMS Prime solutions have helped them resolve and overcome issues.

What was one of the main problems with Erznet before NMS Prime was deployed?

One of the main problems was the geo-referenced relation of customer modems to the network architecture and the linking of network elements to each other. We also faced a lot of trouble managing the config files of the modems.

How NMS Prime help solve this problem?

Through NMS Prime we now can look at our network architecture briefly and view problems quickly. When looking at the topographic map we can inspect each part of our network and find impairments and other relevant issues faster. The mapping of the physical network architecture and the controlling of network elements via SNMP was as well solved. With respect to config files of the modems, prime solutions have helped us a lot in controlling the deployment of modem configuration and firmware. Important to add is that we had several dedicated solutions that each did a specific task. With NMS Prime we finally have everything in one place, a clean and simple overview of Contracts and Modems. Especially the Modem Analysis page is a huge help for our support team.

What’s the most benefit you’re enjoying from these Prime apps?

The topographical view, the controlling page of the CCAP and the diagrams are most used in network operation.

What’s your favourite feature so far?

The Trouble Dashboard has to be my favourite feature as it shows briefly where the actual problems are.

NMS Prime is an Open-Source SaaS platform delivering the industry’s first App-based Provisioning, Monitoring, Administration, Billing, Ticketing, and Failure Management tool dedicated to supporting Internet Service Providers. NMS Prime’s dynamic software provides access across multiple technologies and domains such as DOCSIS, FTTH, FTTx, DSL and delivers a seamless user experience across multiple connectivity services. NMS Prime technology is Vendor Agnostic and was build from the ground up by leaders in the ISP space seeking to mitigate issues with current available costly, complex, and bloated testing systems.

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