Happy World Wide Web Day!

Happy World Wide Web Day!

The birth of the Web was marked in August 1990 at the European Laboratory in Switzerland. It is highly misunderstood Web is a metonym of the Internet, well, in fact, they are not.

The Web is a system used to access the Internet. The Internet did allow communications via Emails which existed long before the web. Deprived of all the forms of communication the web has given us, from video conferencing to social networking and acquiring all information needed in a snap of a second, Google has now become our Guru.

About 40,000 search queries are performed every second and at least 2 Trillion searches a year. The World Wide Web is surely an amazing invention and thanks to the development of the World Wide Web.

Although no denial that without the internet, there cannot be benefits of the web. Despite the fact, how could one perform all these without the internet? We’re now in an era, where everything needs to be quick. Faster internet has become the urge of the day.

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