From ISPs for ISPs - NMS Prime supports telecom enthusiasts globally.

From ISPs for ISPs - NMS Prime supports telecom enthusiasts globally.

NMS Prime announces that it will soon make its entire ISP product portfolio available free of charge to small and medium-sized telecommunications operators, community networks and non-profit organizations.

Founder Torsten Schmidt – who just announced a partnership with CableLabs (partner info) – wants to lower the barriers to entry for smaller operators and nonprofits to assist underserved markets. Schmidt wants to make a difference, especially in lower-income areas, to help connect the second half of the world’s population.

For this reason, NMS PRIME will offer an ISP-in-a-box solution that provides everything a telecom operator needs to get started, from modem provisioning to monitoring and billing. Torsten adds, “My ultimate goal is to be able to offer this package free of charge to all small and medium-sized network operators. They are making a huge contribution to connecting the unconnected, opening up a worldwide web of new possibilities to people. This is something that we as a society need to value more. Right now we can offer this service to all non-profits (like <list of names with links below>), community networks and operators with less than 500 users. In the near future, we will increase these numbers to tens of thousands.”

The company will soon announce the start of a “community network working group“ (where companies can participate) discussing all further steps.

Request a free-of-charge license for your nonprofit, community network or operator here: