DSL Support added

DSL Support added

Since it’s possible to provision GPON devices (connected to an OLT) with NMS Prime since the current year now Provisioning of DSL modems (connected to a DSLAM) is supported too.

The procedure is the same like with FTTH by limiting the bandwidth with the use of very well-known protocol PPPoE. The principle of the provisioning process is documented here.

On the HFC controlling page of the corresponding router you can then find all active PPPoE sessions – nicely listed in a filterable table.

Netelement -> Controlling

As usual you will find a lot of important status informations of the modem on it’s analysis page. If needed it’s even possible to configure the page and the informations you want to see. For that you have to specify the desired parameters in the appropriate configuration file. That can be all the device’s parameters that can be queried by TR-069. The page can then look like this:

You can view the full page on our demo system everytime you want.