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OS Provisioning

Provide connectivity with every technology and vendor.

This is the core package for the whole provisioning process in NMS PRIME. It allows you to bring modems of all types and CPEs online. It is technology and vendor independent – allows access via all fixed and wireless access domains, such as DOCSIS, FTTH, DSL, WiFi.

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Enable telephony via modem

OS VoIP Provisioning is technology and vendor agnostic, so you can deploy any SIP device.

Prime VoIP Envia

Provide EnviaTel VoIP service

EnviaTel is a German Tier 1 operator with a large backbone network offering a backbone API based VoIP service. Prime VoIP Envia is the official API to EnviaTel for ISP’s. It is heavily used by many operators.


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Prime High Availability

Failover for millions of devices

Prime High Availability is the core package for the entire HA-, Failover- and Load-Balancing process in NMS PRIME. It will enable you to run all Applications with several million devices in a highly secure, redundant, and tested manner. For this purpose, we try to stick as close as possible to default Linux and open-source standards.

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Prime Property

Manage your infrastructure

This module can be used to administrate your infrastructure of buildings (realty), apartments and nodes. Besides you can add a contact list containing house administrations and/or local facility managements.

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Prime Customer Control

Customer Control Center

Your customers can log into a customer interface. After successful login, they see invoices and CDRs and can perform speed tests.

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Prime Dashboard

Suitable dashboards for all views

Prime Dashboard is a useful extension for an existing NMS Prime system to customize different views of applications.

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OS Mail

Effortless e-mail notifications

OS Mail is a helper application that allows you to inform your team via email about all changes, issues and notifications automatically and in real time.


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Prime Monitoring

Detect impairments in real time

Prime Monitoring is the core package for the entire monitoring module in NMS Prime. This module is used for cable access monitoring. It provides real-time monitoring data and brief technical analysis about network events.

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Prime VoIP Monitoring

Guarantee continual call quality

It provides an easy way to analyze all call traffic on your network.

Failure Management

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Prime Detect

Manage impairments instantly

Manage impairments immediately or even before they occur. NMS Prime Detect is a sophisticated application that analyzes and interprets data. It supports the operations team in many different aspects while continuously learning their decisions. Proactive fault detection recommends courses of action. It also prepares and presents information in a variety of ways.

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Prime Workforce

Resolve problems efficiently

Prime Workforce is a streamlined application to dispatch your experts and resolve impairments as quickly as possible.

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OS Control

Generate GUI's comfortably

The OS Control provides an easy way to create a GUI (graphical user interface) for any SNMP and TR-69 manageable device to manage and control your IT infrastructure, such as: Routers, Switches, CMTS, OLT, DSLAM, Amplifiers, Nodes, UPS and many more… You could also invoke a next-level MIB browser that allows you to easily create GUIs.


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Prime Billing

Billing made easy

Prime Billing is the package that takes care of the entire billing process.

Prime Overdue

Manage arrears efficiently

This module contains the overview of all overdue payments. With this module it is possible to upload a SWIFT/MT940.sta bank transaction file. When parsing the file and the transactions it contains, return debits and customer transfers are assigned as debts to the corresponding customers. It can also create reminders for customers with overdue payments/debts.


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Prime Ticket

Manage problems efficiently

Tickets can be assigned to any user of your system. They have a priority, a status, “due-to-date”, an assigned customer contract and a ticket type. Ticket types are used to separate different tasks / issues. The ticket receiver provides a seamless user experience when navigating through all the important tasks of a field engineer.